Akustische Gitarren, Saxophone, Flöten, Gesang
Mehr braucht SELTSAM! nicht

um einen unverwechselbaren Klang

zu erzeugen.

SingerSongwriter meets Jazzer


Songs aus dem Leben, erzählt mit Noten und Worten.
Töne sind wie das Leben, nicht immer harmonisch

dafür echt und wahrhaftig.

Acoustic guitars saxophones flutes vocals

That is all SELTSAM! needs to create a distinctive sound.

SingerSongwriter meets Jazzer


Songs straight out of daily life,

told with musical notes and words

Sounds like life, sometimes not harmonical

but always true and authentic

Photos by Sabine Büttner 2017

A great critic from our gig at the FolkClubBonn79:


"To build on the evening’s ‘Seltsam’ jokes from John Harrison I have to say that I found the overall sound of the band to be, yes, seltsam, and in a very positive way indeed.  I love well written and crafted modern folk songs and I love saxophone and jazz tinged bluesy music.  All boxes roundly ticked by Seltsam!  There is an excellent dynamic in the delivery of the songs in this constellation too.  Wolle’s voice is at times very reminiscent of Neil Young and with nods I also thought to the somewhat gentler acoustic approach of Nils Lofgren.  His voice picks up momentum that is dissipated in a very pleasant way by Holger’s sax and Emily’s violin.  It’s a long way from Frankfurt to Bonn but I hope that doesn’t deter Seltsam! from visits to Bonn Folk Club.  This is their second and hopefully one in a long series of gigs from them here."

Pics here:http://johnno.jalbum.net/Folk%20Club%20Bonn%20April%202017/


Joscha Sauer Buchmesse 2016 www.nichtlustig.de
Joscha Sauer Buchmesse 2016 www.nichtlustig.de
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